CULINARY CAPITAL: Thailand's 2019 MICHELIN Guide is out now

Michelin has just released its second guide for Thailand, revealing the absolute best places to enjoy a meal in Bangkok, Phuket, and Phang-nga.

Michelin has just released its second guide for Thailand, revealing the absolute best places to enjoy a meal in Bangkok, Phuket, and Phang-nga.

We all love Thai food but who knew there were so many Michelin star restaurants in Thailand? The Michelin Guide showcases over 217 dining options and 67 lodging establishments.

With a total of four two-star restaurants that includes, Gaggan, Le Normandie and Mezzaluna who maintained their two Star status from last year, Sühring moved from one star to two as they offer unique and contemporary European dishes.  It also saw the entrance of ten new one Michelin Star restaurants so now is the time to make a reservation.


Pru Jampa Farm is situated in a beautiful pocket of northeastern Phuket, where the sea air mingles with lakes, woods and rolling hillsides.

This year Phuket gained its first Michelin Star establishment in the farm-to-table tasting menu restaurant PRU.

Once again, a street food vendor Raan Jay Fai crab omelette stall snagged itself a Michelin Star, reiterating how fabulous Thai street food is.

“Bangkok and its surrounding provinces are long-known as a melting pot of Thai culinary culture, but Phuket and Phang Nga are offering fantastic gastronomic experiences. Thailand is indeed a world-class dining destination, and TAT is very pleased that Michelin has recognised this and has been helping to enhance the awareness among travellers from around the world.”

TAT Governor, Mr Yuthasak Supaporn


Paste Bangkok presents – Pomelo Salad

Here are a few to add to your culinary list when visiting central Bangkok.

Paste – High quality Thai cuisine at it’s best. In the heart of Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong district, Chef and owners BongKoch ‘Bee’ Satongun and her husband Jason Bailey went on a quest to discover century old recipes and ancient cooking techniques that brings history to the table.

Sorn – Touching on Southern Thai cuisine, they find long lost recipes and only use sustainably sourced ingredients from trusted farmers and fishermen to make each dish one to truly remember.

Saawan – Thankfully you only have 10 courses to choose from. Phew. That way you can take your family or friends and get to try each dish. Focus is on seasonal ingredients that will take guests on a journey through Thai flavours, culture and art.

Canvas – Where each dish could be presented in a museum. They combine food and art in a way that parades premium local produce in the best possible light.

Methavalai Sorndaeng – 60 years young and it still attracts loyal customers and travellers from all areas to enjoy strong Thai flavours.


The aim of the guide is to allow food lovers to explore Thailand’s rapidly growing culinary scene.

It will also help raise the profile of Thai restaurants and boost the economy by attracting a new breed of gastronomy fans.

The Michelin Guides started in Europe more than a century ago and now covers 28 countries.

Are you a Thai food lover?