WEIRD IS WONDERFUL: The oddest places to stay in Thailand

Whether you’ve been once, twice or not at all – we’ve compiled the weird, whacky and most wonderful places to stay in Thailand.

Whether you’ve been once, twice or not at all – we’ve compiled the weird, whacky and most wonderful places to stay in Thailand.

Away from the crowded tourist beaches, popular floating markets, nightclubs and glitzy temples, Thailand is home to numerous cool off-beat attractions and fun things to do that are a bit different to the norm – check them out for yourself.



Plucked straight out of the European landscape, you’ll find yourself questioning which country you’ve landed in when you get here. Located in the mountainous area of Suen Peung in the Ratchaburi province, this property pokes fun at just how cheeky the Thai people can be with each of their rooms named after famous French wines.

Throughout the grounds, you’ll also find numerous cute statues, a British telephone box, floral displays, wine casks, bales of hay and an old aeroplane. So random.



Almost like a small cowboy town in the heart of nature, the resort has teepees, stone dwellings, and replicated Mexican-style buildings right in the central Thai province of Saraburi. The area itself is widely known as the cowboy country so think of wagon wheels, carts, wigwams, feather headdresses, bows and arrows, and Native American artwork. Beautiful, yet, so incredibly random – better add it to the bucket list.



If you’re in the area and up for a bit of a giggle – you need to have a look around this hotel. Set out like a typical motel, with rooms in a strip on one level with a private parking in front, the facades are colourful and cartoon-like. Step into Aladdin’s cave, the Toon Shop, a Star Wars set, a spaceship, Adventure Land, a jungle hideaway, the love boat, and more. This place is definitely more of a love motel but if you have some time to spare – it’s worth a look.



If you’re ready to switch off and let the world get away from you, this place is exactly what you need with literally no power on-site (wick lamps & kerosene instead!). The resort relies heavily on the basics, with holes in the bathroom floors to let water flow freely into the river and the cool breeze of the water cools the room at night. The floating raft room has travellers from all over the world flocking to experience the authentic Thai concept on the historic River Kwai.



Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Kan-chan-a-buri! Okay, but really – this is every vegetarians dream. The chalets are contained within a giant fruit or vegetable! Larger-than-life durians, mangoes, pineapples, dragon fruit, mushrooms, rambutan, apples, and more dot the resort.

There are also cute wooden cabins and cave-like accommodations, and you’ll even find awesome little tree houses. Your inner-child is screaming right now because not only are the accommodation styles cool, the activities and hospitality of the staff are even better – making it a place you will never forget.

Thailand has so much to offer and now you know that no matter where you go – there is always something amazing to explore. With hotels designed purely for tourists – it would be crazy not to go… right?


Which place peaked your interest?