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Inspiring happiness: Fiji Tourism's two-year plan for a sustainable future

Fiji Tourism has unveiled its two-year plan for the 333 island nation at the Fijian Tourism Expo, with the vision of 'Inspiring the world to come and experience Fiji, where happiness finds you.'

Fiji Tourism has unveiled its two-year plan for the 333 island nation at the Fijian Tourism Expo, with the vision of ‘Inspiring the world to come and experience Fiji, where happiness finds you.’

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill outlined the plan to media and delegates on the opening day of the Fijian Tourism Expo (FTE).

Before the pandemic began, Hill said that tourism in Fiji represented 38 per cent of the economy and 36.5 per cent of all employment totalling 118,000 jobs.

In 2019, the visitor economy in Fiji was valued at FJ$3 billion 2019, with around 960,000 international arrivals.

Fast forward to mid-2022 and the dawning of a new post-pandemic era in travel and Tourism Fiji’s goal is to rebuild the visitor economy to a lofty FJ$3.37 billion, intending to attract 1 million international visitors by 2024.

What’s the plan?


Speaking about the process to help establish the two-year plan, Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill said, “We went to our executive leaders and all of our team and then went out to the entire tourism industry and our wonderful corporate partners.

“We consulted right across the board and asked countless people what they thought are the key priorities that Tourism Fiji should be focused on for the next couple of years. We then pulled that gigantic list down into six key priorities.”

Here’s the points in brief.

1. Sustainably growing demand

Through global marketing, growing the value of its visitor economy to support a sustainable recovery to pre-pandemic levels and beyond.

2. Supporting experience development

Happiness Fiji

Supporting existing, new and diversified products to provide high quality, meaningful experiences, marketed across Fiji, ensuring experiences and products grow in line with expected demand. 

3. Focussing on sustainability

Rise Beyond The Reef, Fiji

Looking to the future to conserve and care for the ecosystems everyone enjoys and treasures and to strengthen social, cultural, and economic impacts.

4. Shaping perceptions of Fiji

Promoting Fiji’s unique identity, blend of cultures, food, and way of life.

5. Promoting the value of tourism to Fiji

Ensuring that tourism in Fiji is viewed and delivered as a positive force that benefits the nation’s people, places, and environment for social, cultural, and economic impacts.

6. Enabling an efficient, high performing and innovative team

Communicating tourism’s interconnectedness and contribution to the economy and society.

In concluding his strategy presentation, Brent Hill said, “I firmly believe that Fiji is exactly what the world needs as we emerge out of the pandemic into this whole new world. We’ve got what the world is looking for, and we have a relatively uncluttered space to work in.”

Thanking the trade, Hill went on to say, “The tourism trade plays such a critical role for us around these priorities and getting to these numbers, and we wouldn’t be anything without you.”

The first Fijian Tourism Expo for three years is being held over two days from May 11 – 13, 2022, at the newly renovated Sheraton Fiji Golf and Beach Resort on Denarau Island. In total, 83 exhibiting companies, 86 international travel and tourism buyers, and media from Australia (including Karryon), New Zealand, Canada and the U.S are attending the landmark face-to-face event.

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