Die-hard camembert, cheddar, and edam fans, listen up. You have the chance to brie the guest of a London hotel suite, dedicated entirely to, arguably the best food type on the planet, cheese.

UK based chain Café Rouge has recently announced that it’s opening a cheese-themed hotel suite in London’s hipster Camden neighborhood.

The suite was made in partnership with Cuckooz homes, a company that creates custom hotel rooms, and it sounds delicious.

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A grate hotel suite

Cheese Hotel

Image: Café Rouge

“Draped from head-to-toe in cheese-themed decor, the Cheese Suite includes a cheese hotline delivery service, cheese board games, cheese soap, and giant cheese installations,”

Café Rouge

Going off the artist illustrations, the suite certainly looks like it’s going to be one of a kind!

It will have “cheese boards and crackers galore” and a mini-bar stacked with cheese and wine for people to enjoy.

The room will include unique amenities, “cheese boards and crackers galore”, a mini-bar stacked with cheese and wine, as well as use of the “cheese hotline delivery service.”

Because you can never have enough cheese.

Unless your lactose intolerant. Then you most definitely can.


How can we stay there?

Cheese Hotel

Image: Café Rouge

“Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to diss a brie? I cheddar the world, and the feta cheese. Everybody’s looking for stilton.”


You can stay at the Cheese Suite for free — with one catch. The suite will only be available to book by entering (and winning) a competition on the Café Rouge website.

10 lucky guests, plus a friend each, will win one night in the suite. Winners will also be given a voucher for a meal for two people at Café Rouge, to fill their boots with even more cheesy goodness.

Upon leaving, guests will also be asked to donate to the Prince’s Trust, according to Metro. Travel expenses and spending money are not included in the prize.

The competition is set to end on 21 Jan at 11:59pm (UK time) and the suite, located in the Camden district, will be open to winners between 29 Jan and 6 Feb, according to the Evening Standard.

Winners must respond to book the suite within 7 days.

Click here to enter. Good Luck!