We know Qatar is the best airline in the world and that Air New Zealand has the best premium economy, but it’s time to reveal which carrier is the cleanest in the skies.

Announced at Skytrax’s annual World Airlines Awards this week, Taiwan-based EVA Air took out the title.

Winning the award means the airline is practically germ-free (well as germ-free as an aircraft could be), with the cleanest seats, tables, carpets and bathrooms.

Results were drawn from feedback from some 18.9 million people from 110 countries.

Surprisingly, every single airline in the top 10 list is Asia-based – every single airline.

What does this say about the rest of the world?

Here’s the list of 10 cleanest airlines. Do you agree?


10. Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines


9. Korean Air

Korean Air


8. Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines


7. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines


6. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia


5. Asiana Airlines

Asiana airlines


4. Cathay Pacific

The 40th anniversary celebrations will continue throughout October and November.


3. ANA All Nippon Airways



2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines feature


1. EVA Air


Do you agree with the list?