Dave the Goose is back on-screen for another Australia-targeted Air New Zealand campaign, but this time the feathered traveller isn’t flying solo.

The award-winning CGI-character found himself a mate in Air New Zealand’s newest one-minute ad and it’s a Kiwi.

Not a stubbie-wearing, bro-calling kind of Kiwi but an actual flightless, NZ native Kiwi bird.


The pair are seated together on a flight from Australia to New Zealand and learn very quickly that they’re quite different.

Physical features, aside the pair showcase the range of flying experiences available on a single Air New Zealand flight for various types of travellers.

For example, while Dave prefers a “delicious meal and award-winning Kiwi wine” when he flies, Pete (oh yeah, that’s the Kiwi’s name) would rather purchase a light snack mid-flight.

Air New Zealand Dave the Goose

“Air New Zealand knows that no two passengers are alike,” Peter explains in the clip. “Which is why they let you choose how you want to fly.”

The two characters are voiced by ‘Old School’ actors Bryan Brown (Dave) and Sam Neill (Pete) who reunited for the campaign.

Air New Zealand’s General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing Jodi Williams said Pete compliments Dave and together they create “some great comic moments”.

Check out the ad below:

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