Air travel may be the safest its ever been (thanks to 2017’s almost perfect record), but it’s still comforting to know which airlines are going all out to protect their guests.

They’re the airlines you definitely want to fly with because they’ve nailed the safety thing by staying at the forefront of the new regulations and technology, being innovative and keeping their fleet young.

It’s hard for us regular folk to keep up with which airline is doing what, and (thankfully) we don’t have to because the editors at are doing it for us.


The safety and product rating review website released its annual list of safest carriers, and this year, a few newbies joined some of the regulars on top.

Leading the top 20, once again, is Qantas, which was joined by Hawaiian Airlines and Finnair as the three carriers with perfect records.

Australia’s Virgin Australia was also on the list along with Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways and British Airways.

Emirates returned to the top 20 after being absent in 2017, as did Delta Air Lines and Scandinavian Airline System, while American Airlines and United dropped off the 2018 list.

EMIRATES Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas, described the 20 brands as “standouts” in the industry when it comes to ensuring their guests remain safe.

Click here for the full list.

On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest ranking carrier are: Air Koryo, Bluewing Airlines, Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Tara Air, Trigana Air Service and Yeti Airlines.

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Which carrier do you feel safest flying with?