It’s just as true as it was almost three decades ago (???? old, feeling so old) when Dustin Hoffman made the memorable declaration, but these days, they’re not alone.

In a single line the Hollywood movie, Rain Man, gave Qantas the ultimate shout out and a challenge to maintain a pristine safety record. A challenge Australia’s Flying Kangaroo has both accepted (we’re assuming) and maintained over the last 28 years.

But they’re not the only one.

anigif_enhanced-6070-1435720271-2 released its annual list of the world’s safest airlines this morning, and with it, the names of two other carriers also flying with clear records – Hawaiian Airlines and Finnair.

According to the safety and product rating review website, the American and Finnish airlines have “perfect records in the jet era”, just as Qantas.


This flawless achievement has been managed through vigorous focus on safety, particularly from the Flying Kangaroo, which Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas, says has lead “in virtually every major operational safety advancement over the past 60 years”.

Operational safety includes ensuring their staff receives the best training, aircraft is consistently checked, and the fleet remains young.

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What airline do you feel safest flying with?