Air New Zealand is back kids, with a new and quirky safety video designed to promote in-flight safety as well as the carrier’s expanding trans-Pacific services.

Unveiled today, the ‘blockbuster production’ filmed at Warner Bros. Studio in LA, features suspense, drama, romance, that Air New Zealand comedy and a whole lot of safety.

Although Taylor Swift doesn’t appear in the five-minute clip as KarryOn suspected she would (she was probably too busy recovering from that Kim K recording), it does star the hilarious Anna Faris and Kiwi actor, Rhys Darby, which is actually more fitting considering the humorous tone of the video.

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Together along with 20 extras, they explore the backlot of Warner Bros. while Darby attempts to convince Faris to play a role in Air New Zealand’s safety video with him.

In his attempt to convince her, he taps into the different Hollywood genres from country, action, horror and romantic drama, until she seemingly agrees to do so.


Faris said she was “excited and honoured” to follow in the footsteps of Betty White, the All Blacks and the cast of The Hobbit by starring in an Air New Zealand video.

She said the carrier’s productions play a big role in redefining air safety with a “fun and creative approach”.

“It’s so easy to tune out when watching a traditional safety video, so it comes as such a delightful surprise when you get something that’s really fun and funny.”

Anna Faris

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Darby said he believed Air New Zealand passengers will be taken “on a magical ride” while still obtaining key safety messages.

“Anna and Rhys make a great comedic duo and really bring this safety video to life, entertaining customers while at the same time imparting key safety messages.”

Jodi Williams, Air New Zealand Head of Global Brand

“Our inflight safety videos are now world famous and we know people anticipate their release.

“The interest in them has been phenomenal and collectively they’ve attracted more than 83 million views online.

“This latest video will again draw eyeballs to New Zealand from around the globe and encourage visitors to travel to our wonderful country.

“It is also another great example of the diverse set of creative talent that our nation nurtures.”

Check it out below and tell us if you think it’s the perfect follow up to the carrier’s ‘Men in Black’ video.

What do you think of the new video?