Picture this: Your pilots aren’t paying attention to their controls or the path of your flight because your captain is too busy filming a Snapchat video of his co-pilot dancing with a cartoon owl.

We’re guessing it’s not exactly what you’d imagine goes on in the cockpit?

Well it was exactly what two easyJey pilots were up to while flying hundreds of passengers between Paris and Madrid on an Airbus A320 last month.

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The captain, whose social media accounts have since been deleted, went on to post selfies, asking his followers if they wanted more of the silly in-flight videos, playfully describing he and his co-pilot as #TeamFlyingnut.

Many viewers were outraged at the duo’s frivolous flight deck antics.

One viewer commented that the “cockpit duo was not focused on the controls, just on having a good time.”

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“It only takes seconds for something catastrophic to go wrong, even in cruise control. It’s dangerous, unprofessional, and sends out the wrong image. High jinks in the cockpit at 30,000ft is never a good look,” they said.

The official statement from easyJet is that the video was taken while the aircraft was in cruise control and passengers were therefore not placed at any at risk.

“Whilst at no point was the safety of the passengers compromised, this falls well short of the high standards easyJet expects of its pilots.”

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“It is not acceptable and is not representative of the thousands of highly professional pilots who work for the airline,” they went on to say.

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EasyJet said there were taking the issue “seriously” resulting in the suspension of the two pilots in question “pending a disciplinary investigation”.

The two now have plenty of time for Snapchat fun while waiting to hear about the future of their careers.

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