There’s the smelly flyer, the one who thinks the seat in front is a foot rest, the kicker and the land clapper, but the flyer most people REALLY don’t want to share a plane with is… a rat!

A recent flight in the United States was cancelled when one of Ratatouille’s cousins decided to take a last minute flight.

The rat scurried onto an Alaska Airlines aircraft scheduled to fly to Oregon at 9.15am (local time) when cabin crew opened the door while it was parked at Oakland International Airport.


Staff searched the plane for the little traveller but struggled to locate him, forcing them to cancel the service.

An airline spokesperson told media that crew eventually found the rat hiding in the cockpit (so less a traveller and more an ambitious pilot).


Passengers with tickets to board the aircraft were quick to jump on social media with a humorous attitude towards the whole situation, with comments like “a rat hijacked our plane” and “we took a vote and accepted the risk of flying with it [the rat]”.

The spokesperson confirmed that the plane would be out of service until it is “certified rodent-free by a professional exterminator” and a thorough inspection for damage.

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