All eyes are on Jennifer Aniston at the moment, and it’s not just to see whether she gets the chance to recreate those karma memes that recently flooded social media after that Brangelina split.

No, some are looking past the actress’ love life and over to her new, adorable promo for Emirates.

The Breakup star teamed up with an unexpected (and completely charming) young man to showcase the airline’s inflight experience.

It’s the second time Aniston has utilised her celebrity power to promote the carrier, following the short clip released last year, in which she practically stuck it to America’s airlines.


While last year’s promo focused on appealing to the fancier flyers with in-flight showers and bars, this one chases families with Aniston accompanied by a young ‘Sir’ called Cooper, or you can call him Coop, whose on his “journey back” to his mum and dad.

The actress takes on the role of ‘co-pilot’ as she chases him around Emirates’ A380, which he dubbed “as the best plane” and the only one he wants to fly when he grows up to become a pilot.

Too much cuteness!


Coop takes Aniston from her First Class seat to the First Class bar where she orders ‘two carrot juices’ and then sits at the top of the A380 stairs where they discuss his love of the Emirates aircraft.

From there he introduces her to his dad who’s busy enjoying a family-friendly movie in Economy Class.


“Hi dad, want to meet my co-pilot?” Coop asks his dad, who instantaneously recognises the celebrity standing beside him.

His mum and little sister make an appearance before Aniston kindly sends Coop’s mum to her First Class seat, so that Aniston can get the full Economy experience with her young friend.

If that ever happened to us, you can be sure we’d have this exact reaction:


“Mam, would you like to go back to your seat?” the flight attendant asks, to which Aniston politely responds, “oh no, I’m okay.”

Check out the full video below:

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