It appears so in this new ad for UAE carrier Emirates which features Jennifer Aniston awakening from a nightmare to personally rate the Emirates A380 the best in the sky.

In the comedic one minute ad, recently appointed Emirates Ambassador Jennifer Aniston appears wearing a white robe carrying a loofah and then walks through the cabin to ask an attendant “where the shower is?”.

“There are no showers on here ma’am responds the guffawing attendant.

After some hearty laughs from the fellow (NOTE: non branded yet red and blue wearing) attendants in the galley Jen then asks “Where the bar is?” to yet more hilarity and laughter from the stereotypical American crew.

The crew decide she’s clearly lost the plot and instead offer her a packet of nuts and a hot towel in a bid to calm her down.

But phew, thankfully for Jen it’s all just an awful sub-standard carrier nightmare who awakes with a jolt in her lie flat bed on-board the uber comfy Emirates A380.

Jen then heads down to the A380’s cocktail bar to regale her mid-flight terror to the suave barman who serves her up a Martini, shaken not stirred of course.

“I was on a plane and it was nothing like this” she says.

The ad ends with Aniston suggesting that perhaps the flight should continue on for another hour while presumably she finishes her cocktail and her edamame’s at least.

For the record, Aniston is reported to have been paid US$5 million (AUD $7.8 million) for the series of ads which will have its critics for sure, no doubt from rival American carriers for starters who Emirates continues to take market share from.

Many will love it too.

But love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure – it’s definitely different and is a new entertainment style of direction for Emirates who are usually more renowned for their slick, stylish ‘big’ ads than funny ones.

What do you think? Love it or hate it? Share your thoughts below.