Marriage may not be the only commitment Jennifer Aniston enters this year, the Hollywood actress is reportedly working on a multi-million dollar deal to be the face of Dubai-based airline, Emirates.

The 46-year-old beauty made famous in the 90s for her portrayal of Rachel in hit sitcom Friends is allegedly set to appear in digital and television adverts for the carrier.

A senior Emirates officially is said to have told the New York Post that the campaign advertisements had already been filmed and are being prepared for release on a global platform.

Although details of the contract have yet to be released, a UAE publication reported that she could be getting paid as much as $5 million for the campaign.

Jennifer Aniston plane

Rumours of her involvement with the airline were confirmed to KarryOn by Divisional SVP for Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand, Boutros Boutros, who said Aniston has worked with the carrier on marketing activity.

He said further details of the campaign will be revealed over time.

“We do not wish to discuss contract details, and more information about the campaign will be unveiled in due course.”

Boutros Boutros, Emirates SVP for Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand

Emirates A380 5

The reveal of Aniston’s marketing alignment with Emirates comes five months after Emirates’ UAE competitor, Etihad, signed Aussie actress Nicole Kidman to be the face of its ‘Residence‘.

As part of Kidman’s agreement she launched a TVC featuring digitally created scenes of Kidman flying in the airline’s A380.

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