The blow up device dubbed as the ‘secret weapon’ for calming young flyers on long haul flights is now allowed onboard Virgin Australia flights.

Easing parental stress (and frustration among co-passengers), Virgin Australia has decided to allow the kid’s sleeping device called the Fly Tot on its flights, making it the only major Australian airline to do so.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Fly Tot, it’s an inflatable cushion which molds itself to the space between the child’s seat and the seat in front. It acts as a footrest for when the child is awake and a fully-flat bed for when they’re read to sleep.

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Fly Tot 2

Although it’s incredibly convenient for parents and their children (and other guests because a happy flying toddler equals a happy cabin), the product was banned from select airlines out of safety concerns.

However, after extensive assessments, Virgin Australia determined the inflatable device is safe to bring onboard so long as they meet certain requirements – users are sitting in a window seat or in the middle seat of the centre block (exit rows are not permitted to use it) and the Fly Tot is included in the 7kg carry-on baggage allocation.

Fly Tot 3

“We know that travelling with kids can be a stressful experience and we want to make it as smooth as possible for the families that fly with us.”

Tash Tobias, Virgin Australia General Manager Inflight Experience

“Of course, these items aren’t just for children, and the comfort of all of our guests is important,” Tash added. “That’s why the range we are welcoming on board caters to varying needs and can provide all guests with an enjoyable travel experience.”

Flying Tot Brands permitted on Virgin Flights are: Plane Pal, Fly Tot and JetKids Bedbox.

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