We knew Virgin Australia was going to have a little rivalry on flights between Australia/New Zealand and Samoa, we just didn’t know when that competition was coming. Now we do.

Samoa Airways – Samoan government’s solo aviation venture – is launching very soon. Like next week.

The island nation’s government confirmed the airline’s first aircraft will be up in the air on 14 November 2017.

Samoa Airways 2

Just in case that date doesn’t trigger your memory, it’s two days after the government’s co-operated airline with Virgin Australia, Virgin Samoa, shuts down. It’s also one day after Virgin Australia launches its solo direct Samoa-Australia services.

As part of its initial launch, Samoa Airways will operate a Boeing 737-800, which is currently receiving final touches in Europe.

Samoa Airways

An official launch party will take place on Faleolo International Airport on 13 November, before the inaugural flight, OL731, flies from Apia to Auckland.

The airline’s decision to operate to Auckland would help explain why the Samoan government decided to ban Virgin Australia from flying its own direct services from New Zealand into the island earlier.

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Are you excited to see what Samoa Airways brings to the skies?