Virgin Australia has lost the title of ‘Australia’s most attractive employer’ after three consecutive years to its biggest rival, Qantas.

The Flying Kangaroo was this morning named the company most Aussies would like to work for in the 2017 Randstad Awards.

Although last year people preferred Virgin Australia because of its brand awareness, this year job seekers seemed to have steered towards stability, saying they’re attracted to Qantas’ innovation with technology and strong financial position, reported.

Qantas 787

It also helps that in recent months Qantas vowed to make history with Western Australia’s first direct service to Europe, launched inflight wi-fi trials and announced a program to work with digital startups.

Randstad Chief Executive Frank Ribuot said he wasn’t surprised to see an aviation company take the top spot again because “Aussies love to travel”.

“Working for an airline offers not only the opportunity to travel the world, but also financial compensation and real opportunities for career development.”

Frank Ribuot, Randstad Chief Executive

While Virgin Australia may not have been in the number one spot this year, it didn’t manage to make it into the top five at number four. The carrier fell just behind the Victorian Government (2nd) and ABC (3rd).

Image: NZ All Stars Famil 2015

Image: NZ All Stars Famil 2015

In New Zealand, Air New Zealand took the title of New Zealand’s most attractive employer, making it their seventh time in the top spot.

According to Ribout, companies can make themselves more attractive to Australians by improving their right work/life balance offerings.

“Unfortunately, employers aren’t always offering enough balance, which creates a gap between what employees are seeking and what employers are actually offering,” Mr Ribuot said. “Companies that are able to recognise and bridge the gap will be able to attract and retain the best talent.”

If that’s the case, then perhaps there’s a good chance Students Flights will top next year’s list thanks to its new unlimited annual leave initiative.

The most attractive employers across Australia are:

1. Qantas
2. Victorian Government
3. ABC
4. Virgin Australia
5. GHD
6. Monadelphous
7. National Disability Insurance Agency
8. Department of Immigration & Border Protection
9. Schneider Electric
10. Queensland Government

What are your thoughts on Qantas’ new title?