Star Alliance took a walk down memory lane and travelled into the future with industry friends and airline bosses this week as part of its 20th anniversary celebration in Sydney.

The alliance group along with its closest partners gathered in the city to commemorate two decades of achievements before delving into upcoming plans.

Speaking at the event, Star Alliance Country Setting Committee Chair, Tim Clyde-Smith, said that while it’s important to acknowledge past successes and achievements, it’s also vital to plan ahead and ensure the network remains “unrivalled in its ability to connect people and cultures”.

Star Alliance 3

So what is ahead for the alliance group?

Three words: ‘harnessing digital technology’.

Clyde-Smith said the group is working on ways to build on its digital applications, which currently enable the alliance to improve reliability of through-check in for multi-carrier itineraries and enable faster crediting of accrued frequent flyer miles into customers’ accounts.

Star Alliance 2

Over the next few years Star Alliance will also continue to develop new digital capabilities centrally that allow member airlines to enhance the digital services they provide their customers.

“Taken individually, these new features will deliver incremental improvements. But when you put them together, they are going to provide your customers with a whole new level of information and control of their journey.”

Tim Clyde-Smith, Star Alliance Country Setting Committee Chair

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“At the same time, I can assure you that Star Alliance is not neglecting the well-established products and services that continue to serve travellers so well.

“In fact, we are planning some changes to our RTW product that will make it even more attractive to your customers – I can’t say any more but look out for an announcement in the New Year.”

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