So your client wants to travel ’round the world’ but doesn’t want to waste three full days on unplanned stopovers. It’s what, up until now, they’ve been required to do to book airline alliance fares.

Star Alliance has enhanced its Round the World (RTW) fare product so that flyers only need to stop at two destinations for at least 24 hours.

That means, instead of taking three days out to fulfill the requirements of a RTW fare, travellers only need to use two.


According to Janice Antonson, Star Alliance’s Vice President, Commercial and Communications, this change increases the number of itineraries available to flyers on the RTW product and makes it easier for consultants to sell.

“Travel Agents will now find it easier to build bespoke routes for their customers.”

Janice Antonson, Star Alliance Vice President, Commercial and Communications


For those who didn’t know, the Star Alliance RTW fare is dependent on class of travel, the precise itinerary, mileage and routing.

For example, travel needs to begin and end in the same country and must be in one direction either East or West. The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean must be crossed once and the overall itinerary may include up to 15 stops.

Star Alliance’s RTW fare is a valid for up to 12 months and customers may accrue miles in any of the 28 member carrier Frequent Flyer Programmes.

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Does this make the RTW fare more attractive to your clients?