There are over 50 major airlines flying around European skies but only one of them has been given a rare 5-star certificate for its quality service, professionalism and premium offerings.

Can you guess which is the only 5-star airline in Europe?

Here are a couple of hints: there’s a bird flapping inside a sun on the tales of its planes.

Lufthansa tail

It recently unveiled ‘moldable’ beds for its 777-9 Business Class.

Lufthansa Business Class

And it bought half of airberlin earlier this year.

Image: airberlin/Facebook

Image: airberlin/Facebook

Did you guess Lufthansa? Well done! Give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, you’re practically a Lufthansa expert.

The airline today received a 5-star certificate from Skytrax, making it the first airline outside of Asia, the only 5-star airline in Europe and one of only ten carriers in the world to be issued with the top rating.

Skytrax’s Chief Executive, Edward Plaisted, said the 5-star status is recognition of the airline’s improvements in recent years across all areas of “the front line service delivery”. This includes elevated service quality, top onboard product, improved dining and more.


Lufthansa’s Chairman of the Board, Carsten Spohr, welcomed the award saying it was “well-deserved” after all the efforts to “make Lufthansa one of the world’s leading premium airlines again”.

“We have caught up because we made huge investments in our fleet, updated all our cabins, introduced digital services, opened new lounges and improved service on board and on the ground.

“The combination of premium offerings with the quality and professionalism of our employees has earned Lufthansa the status of a five-star airline.” she said.

“Everyone at Lufthansa can be proud of this certification, especially our colleagues in the cabins and cockpits and on the ground who fulfil our premium promise every day in their interactions with our passengers.

“I am convinced that the most important factor in getting the fifth star was that we have the best airline employees.”

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Did you guess Lufthansa?