While one fades from existence (goodbye Virgin America), two others are teaming up to ensure their virtue remains intact during this new era of ultra-long-haul travel.

Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic have announced they’re doing what many thought they already were, codesharing on flights between Australia and the UK.

Yes it’s true, they have similar names, share an owner, have look-alike logos, but until now, they’ve not shared flights ‘all the way to’ Europe.


The new arrangement signed this morning will see the European carrier add its code on Virgin Australia’s Sydney-Hong Kong services (commencing 2 July) and Melbourne-Hong Kong services. Additionally, it will place its code across services on Virgin Australia’s domestic network.

Vice versa, the Australian airline’s code will be placed on Virgin Atlantic’s flights Hong Kong-London and Los Angeles-London services.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Atlantic’s Chief Commercial Officer, Shai Weiss, said the partnership will “streamline the travel experience” by providing single check-in and baggage drop.

Rob Sharp of Virgin Australia added that the pair is giving flyers more options by improving the end-to-end experience.

Other benefits of the arrangement include earning loyalty miles on each other’s programs and shared access to lounges.

Codeshare flights are available to be booked now.


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