Consider yourself an aviation geek? Think you’ve kept up with the happenings over at Qantas? Reckon you could take everyone out in airline trivia?

Qantas is giving you several sweet chances to prove your knowledge through a new relationship with Fantales.

Yes, the deliciously chewy caramel treat coated in a not too thick, but not too thin layer of chocolate.

Qantas Fantales

Right, the airline marked the launch of its inaugural 787 Dreamliner flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles last year by releasing special Qantas-themed Fantales.

Mmmmm, Fantales!

Sorry, but mmmmmmmm.

Qantas Fantales 2

Back to it. The Fantales wrapping features Qantas’ name as well as trivia questions relating to the carrier’s history.

The limited edition treat will be served exclusively to customers travelling on Qantas’ Dreamliner services between Melbourne and Los Angeles. They’ll also be available to guests on the game changing Perth and London services kicking off from 25 March 2018.

Oh, and lucky flyers with access to Qantas’ domestic and international airport lounges will be able to enjoy them too.

We managed to get our hands on a few of the Qantas-themed Fantales (sorry, none left) and thought it’d be fun to test your Qantas knowledge with a few of the trivia questions. Once you’ve finished you can check your answers at the end of the article:


1. What Am I?


I was developed in the early 2000s as a revolutionary new aircraft design incorporating composite materials and fuel-efficient engines, improving passenger comfort. I first flew in 2009. In 2017, Qantas will take delivery of a longer-range version of me which will allow direct flights between Perth and London, the first ever non-stop air service between Australia and Europe.


2. What Am I?


I am a film directed by Barry Levinson and released in cinemas in 1988. My storyline follows two brothers reuniting after their father’s passing. The pair road-trip from Cincinnati to Los Angeles after one of the brothers states he won’t fly any airline but Qantas because of its reputation for safety. The film was critically acclaimed and went on to win four Oscar awards. The brothers were played by Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.


3. What Am I?


I was designed as a large cargo aircraft in the 1960s. I became the world’s largest passenger jet and first flew in 1969. Qantas ordered four of me in 1967 and was first delivered in September 1971. I featured a Captain Cook Lounge on my upper deck which became the world’s first business class cabin in 1979. By 1979 I was the only type of aircraft with Qantas. New versions arrived in the 1980s and I broke a world non-stop flight record for a commercial aircraft flying from London to Sydney in 1989. New extended range models were delivered to Qantas in the early 2000s.


4. Who Am I?


I was born in New South Wales in 1915. I was one of the first students of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith’s flying school near Sydney and at 19 I became the youngest Australian woman to become a commercial pilot. In the 1930s, I helped set-up a flying medical service in outback NSW. In 1950, I founded the Australian Women Pilots’ Association. Qantas named an Airbus A380 aircraft after me in 2008 and I travelled on the first flight and passed away at 93 in 2009.


5. What Am I?


I was introduced by Qantas in 2007 with the first designs by Akira Isogawa and Peter Morrissey. I have become a design icon and a popular souvenir for passengers. A special grey ‘onesie’ version of me was produced for Prince George when he flew to Australia with Qantas in 2014. A new dark blue version of me was designed by Martin Grant in 2016 for first class passengers.


6. Who Am I?

Image result for thinking gif

I was born in Sydney in 1968. In high school, I starred in a production of My Fair Lady. I went on to study drama. I famously turned down a role in long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours. I have many fans for my iconic character Wolverine in the X-Men film series, and starred in the iconic film reproduction of Les Misérables. I am one of Australia’s most famous faces. In 2015, I was appointed as an official global ambassador for Qantas.

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Answers: 1. Boeing 787, 2. Rain Man, 3. Boeing 747, 4. Nancy-Bird Walton, 5. Qantas Pyjamas, 6. Hugh Jackman

How many answers did you know?