“Damn, I can’t sneak this brand new rice cooker, steam iron AND my handbag on the plane, guess I’ll just have to dump something at the airport.”

It’s hard to believe it, but when you’re going through a list of ‘lost and found’ items at the airport, you’re likely to come across not one, but at least SIX brand new kitchen appliances.

We aren’t sure how people forget whole microwave ovens, but according to Sydney Airport, they do.

The list for the annual Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction is out and this year it’s packed with some useful and some pretty bizarre leftovers.

Mobile phones, tablets, jewellery and clothing aside, this year has a number of more interesting items going under the hammer and despite their… uniqueness, we expect they’ll raise a fair bit of funds for charity group, Joynton Avenue Creative Centre in Green Square.

Like for example, in 2017 you can bid for a new rice cooker, or a new toaster.

Keeping in line with kitchen appliances, there’s a new steam iron up for grabs, as well as a molger shelf, a new microwave oven and new cooking pans.

microwave oven

You don’t need to go to the pharmacy to stock up on vitamins with bottles of Berocca Tablets going once, going twice. Plus there’s Swisse Liver Detox Tablets and Assorted Swisse Vitamins.


If you’re looking to add something new to your music collection, you can pick up someone’s forgotten Dustin Tebbutt First Light record.

Or jazz up your house with unidentified paintings and photo prints.

Pickles Auction 2

Need new nail polish? No worries, Sydney Airport guests have you covered with new polish sets on auction along with goat soap, used selfie sticks and LED cap lights.

KarryOn also heard a wooden leg was left behind at the airport, but understandably didn’t make the list of items in this year’s auction.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it at the Sydney Airport Lost Property Auction which is open for viewing now. Click here to check out items.

Bidding will take place online, with a category available for bidding each day from 9am from Wednesday, 11 October to Thursday, 19 October.

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