If your Travel Agent is telling you to book your 2018 Inca Trail holiday as soon as possible, you may like to heed their advice otherwise you could miss out altogether.

The Peruvian Government is hoping to preserve the integrity and legacy of Machu Picchu by limiting the number of tourists permitted to participate every year.

In order to control numbers, the government has rolled out a new permits system this month, whereby tour operators are only able to apply for permits once travellers have confirmed.


This means, operators such as G Adventures will not be able to save spots for tentative trekkers, instead all tourists will be required to book their 2018 Inca Trail adventure in advance.

“If you or clients have long imagined trekking Peru’s famed Inca Trail and pictured yourself on its summit… then today is the best date to act.”

G Adventures

In line with Peru’s growing tourism industry, the number of tourists hiking the Inca Trail with G Adventures alone has increased to nearly 8,000 per year.

Pic: G Adventures

“For its long commitment to responsible tourism practices and the region as a destination, G Adventures is proud to have been recognized as the Best Inca Trail Tour Operator by the Regional Direction of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Cusco in 2016,” G Adventures said.

“It is also the largest employer on the Inca Trail, providing the safest and most financially reliable work conditions available to Inca Warriors and their fellow Quechua community members in Peru’s Sacred Valley region.”

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