Latin America is hot, hot, hot right now and it’s not just because the Sudamericano genetics are infused with everything required to be one of those Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Although let’s be honest, it totally helps…


And let’s just…


No más!

The region is blowing up in regards to tourism, particularly among Aussies, thanks to increased air competition and reasonably priced Economy fares that are, at times, cheaper than booking a ticket to the Superbowl (or for those who like Business comfort, cheaper than buying a pregnant llama).

We’re visiting Mexico’s Mayan ruins, marveling at Peru‘s Machu Picchu, joining the Carnival in Brazil, trekking in Chile’s Patagonia and enjoying the nightlife in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.

We’ve been, we’ve seen, we’ve loved and according to tourism operators, we’re ready for more, but this time we want to travel the road less taken – as is the Aussie way.

South America

Chimu Adventures’ Co-Founder Greg Carter told KarryOn that Australians are shifting away from seeing Latin America as a “once in a lifetime” adventure to treating it as a repeat destination.

As a result, Carter says the operator is experiencing an “ever increasing hunger for the experiential” areas such as Colombia and Guatemala, which was flagged by the Consul of Guatemala as being the most visited country in Central America among Australian travellers.

“We can really see Colombia and Guatemala fly high drawing visitors with their cultural vibrancy, historic landmarks and a thriving food scene.”

Greg Carter, Chimu Adventures Co-Founder

A similar sentiment was shared by Travel Directors’ Tour Mastermind Tony Evans who said the mindset of taking “paths less trodden” prompted the boutique operator to release a new ‘South America: The Top End Tour’ this year, featuring the lesser explorer Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

South America 3

Meanwhile, G Adventures’ South America Specialist Emily Mikus said she continues to see healthy interest in Peru, particularly trekking options around Machu Picchu and Amazon Riverboating.

Outside of Peru, the adventure brand’s Galapagos program is trending among travellers as is Colombia and Patagonia.

“South America has, overall, seen consistent growth in all regions and we have seen lots of interest with Colombia and Patagonia.”

Emily Mikus, G Adventures South America Specialist

“They continue to be mentioned within the media and are enticing people to go,” she added.

“In 2017 people were looking for more active options within South America, and interested in alternative hiking options outside the Inca Trail.

“We have seen growth with Lares trek, Salkantay and Choquequirao.”

Are you experiencing interest for any lesser visited Latin America destinations?