LIGHT IT UP: Chase the Northern Lights in Scandinavia

Scandinavia shines even brighter in the wintertime, but it’s not just the ever-popular Northern Lights that have got us dazed…

Scandinavia shines even brighter in the wintertime, but it’s not just the ever-popular Northern Lights that have got us dazed…

From famous scenic rail journeys to the untouched wilderness, Scandinavia in the winter time is a wonderland of jaw-dropping experiences.

One of the most exhilarating winter bucket list items is chasing the evanescent Northern Lights. Scandinavian experts Bentours offer the best ways to view the Northern Lights as well as other magically cool Scandi experiences.


Aurora Borealis


We’ll start with the Northern Lights anyway, seeing as they are what almost everyone seems to think of first when someone mentions a Scandinavian winter. It’s like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky. With a colour palette of bright green, pink, and violet it’s reminiscent of an epic fashion show from the eighties (but much more graceful).

Between late September and late March, it’s dark from early afternoon until late morning so this is the best time to see the lights. There’s even an app for it!


If you want to see the lights, but have already visited Finland or Norway on another trip, consider Iceland. The 15-day ‘Iceland Aurora Explorer’ trip mixes the best of Iceland’s many attractions with an Aurora hunt! You’ll do a loop of the country, seeing glaciers and winter farms, trying new local cuisine, and experiencing a completely different way of life.

Remember to keep in mind that as a force of nature, the Northern lights are never guaranteed on any particular day/month/week, but on these tours, you will be given every available opportunity to ensure you don’t miss any of the action as it happens.


Sleighing it


I’m sure we have all at one stage in our lives dreamt of owning our very own husky, going for sled rides and playing in the snow.

Maybe you watched Eight Below a few too many times and now have a big husky shaped hole in your heart. Never fear! The 18 day ‘Follow the Lights’ tour includes a stay at a husky farm, where you’ll learn how the breeders raise these adorable pups into hard-working sled dogs! You may even have time for a sled ride of your own, and a whole heap of husky cuddles.

Oh and on this trip, you’ll get to visit Lapland which is WHERE SANTA LIVES.


That’s right, playing with huskies AND meeting Santa himself. What more could you ask for! You can shop for traditional handicrafts and send a postcard home from Santa’s very own post office.

Whilst you’re in Finland, why not treat yourself to a sauna? You may need one after spending a night sleeping under the stars in a glass igloo! Seriously, Finland does accommodation like no other.


Fjord Fancy


The Norwegian Fjords are becoming ever-more popular with each passing year and it’s not hard to see why. Arching crystalline structures, soaring cliffs, and spectacular sea life – the fjords are a photographers dream!

You can admire the beautiful Norwegian coastline in comfort on a Hurtigruten coastal voyage all the way to Bergen, which is known as ‘the gateway to the fjords’. The 14-day ‘Chase the Lights’ tour combines Aurora hunting in Finland with a coastal cruise through these meandering fjords.

You’ll still get to see the Huskies, sleep in an igloo, and then spend 5 nights at sea where you will cross the Arctic circle.


Ready to start your winter adventure?


This has just been the tip of the iceberg! Fully escorted small group tours in unique destinations staying in niche accommodation, what more could you ask for? Contact Bentours on 1800 221 712 or email [email protected] to get your magical journey started.

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Have you seen the Northern Lights before?


Written By Christina Woods, a KARRYON contributor

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