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Sophisticated travellers get the new Scenic tour

You've seen the name change and the new logo, but now it's time to get to know the evolving Scenic brand aka the global luxury lifestyle brand.

You’ve seen the name change and the new logo, but now it’s time to get to know the evolving Scenic brand aka the global luxury lifestyle brand.


On 15 April, the 29-year-old tour operator announced it was dropping the ‘Tours’ in its title to officially become Scenic.

With the new name came a redesigned logo, brochures and website.

All of the above plus a new marketing campaign officially rolled out on Sunday, making it the biggest day in the company’s history since its launch.

The new face of Scenic can now be seen across all marketing platforms from print advertising, social media, first brochure and website advertising (including KarryOn’s daily newsletter and website).

Last night, the company invited media and industry friends for an intimate celebration and to release a little more information about the new creative direction for the company.


But first, why the change?

Scenic Tours 2

Michelle Black, GM Sales and Marketing says Scenic has to reconsider its position.

Let’s start with a bit of Scenic history.

The company was first launched as Scenic Tours in 1986 out of Newcastle where it focused on conducting bus tours around the country.

This eventually expanded into New Zealand and Norfolk Island before reaching South Africa in 1998.

In 2008, the company took a leap from land tours into the rivers when it launched its first river ship in Europe.

Today, Scenic sails in rivers around Europe and Asia and tours around the world.

With all that change and growth, Michelle Black, GM Sales and Marketing said the company needed to step back last year and consider who the company is, what it does and what is its story.

“Even though we were born local, we have become global. With that comes the need to better position ourselves and define our offering.”

Michelle Black, Scenic GM Sales and Marketing


In comes Scenic – the luxury global brand

Scenic Tours 3

Speaking at the event last night, Michelle said after considering its future, the company had come to the conclusion that it wants to offer ‘authentically unique’ experiences and to be more than just a travel luxury company, but a global lifestyle luxury brand.

With this came over a year’s worth of looking at the company’s offerings and design to create products and an image that replicated the kind of luxury it wanted to deliver guests.

“Luxury is a relative term and how you define luxury is based on who you are.”

Michelle Black, Scenic GM Sales and Marketing


So what is Scenic luxury?



It’s not just a statement, it’s an emotion the revitalised company is hoping to offer its guests on every cruise or tour.

This will be done through the cabins onboard the Scenic ‘Space Ship’, the selection of land tours and the culinary experiences offered on every itinerary.

She said the company is aiming to go beyond what people expect through ‘wow’ moments and helping them ‘never lose their sense of wonder’.

This will be showcased in the new campaign, Wonders Never Cease. It commences on 10 May, with the launch of a new TVC shot in Europe on board Scenic’s recently launched next-generation Space-Ship, Scenic Jasper.

A campaign microsite – scenicwonders.com.au – also showcases Scenic’s luxury river cruise offering and plays homage to just some of the people who bring their handcrafted approach to the business.

If you’re wondering how luxury will affected the price of cruises and tours:

“It’s an important point to make that luxury isn’t necessarily about price – it can be expensive or affordable.”

Michelle Black, Scenic GM Sales and Marketing


What’s next for Scenic?

Scenic Tours

The next phase of the brand rollout will see the launch of Scenic’s ‘Ever Wondered’ sessions next month followed by a series of loyalty events nationwide and the redesign of the quarterly Scenic Club magazine.

“Next year is going to be big as we further develop our global product offering. We have five new ships launching in three new destinations, which is our most diverse year yet in terms of new destinations.”

Michelle Black, Scenic GM Sales and Marketing

What do you think of the new Scenic?