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The road to Insider Journeys - how the company has changed in 12 months

Travel Indochina feels like a distant memory on the one year anniversary of the company's complete rebrand to become Insider Journeys.

Travel Indochina feels like a distant memory on the one year anniversary of the company’s complete rebrand to become Insider Journeys.


Today officially marks 12 months since the Asia specialist unveiled a new name, logo and more personalised attitude, which has gone on to become a nationally recognised brand.

Insider Journeys has replaced anything Travel Indochina whether it be across all brochures, buses and staff uniforms, but more importantly it has been quickly adopted and welcomed by the travel industry, regular customers and prospective travellers.

According to company figures, since the major rebrand, Insider Journeys has gone from strength-to-strength with an increase in sales revenue and passenger numbers.

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The biggest growth comes from the Small Group Journeys, which Managing Director, Paul Hole, said continues to rise in popularity. This growth lead to the recent launch of Private Travel – a more intimate touring option.

Destinations that were once tracking along quietly in the back with slow growth rates have experienced sharp increases over the last 12 months including Japan, which has grown 27 percent year-on-year.

Since the rebrand, Insider Journeys was also voted ‘Best Specialty Wholesaler‘ in the 2015 NTIA Awards.

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Perhaps the biggest bonus of the company’s decision to change its name has been the response from travel agents, who say they can now easily identify Insider Journeys’ key travel style.

“The move to Insider Journeys was about more than just a name change, it was about clearly articulating our brand offering to help our agent partners and prospective travellers better understand our experiential travel style, and better reflecting that across all aspects of our business.”

Paul Hole, Insider Journeys CEO

“We’ve been progressively refining the conversation about who we are and what we do, and this is being reflected in our results, which remain positive despite the challenging economic environment.”

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Over the next few months, Hole said the company will complete its rebranding with a complete website refresh, which will better showcase the style of travel and destinations to consumers.

“While agents play an incredibly important role in our distribution, we know consumers seek inspiration and confidence from online sources, so a reinvigorated website is also essential to better articulate our brand,” he added.

“We’re supporting prospective travellers’ researching with a wide range of content* that delves into our destinations in informative and insightful articles aimed to help them choose the best experience for them.”

Have you grown to the love the Insider Journeys brand?