Italy is one of those countries that’s on practically every Aussie’s first itinerary to Europe – they go there, tick off the iconic sites, leave feeling fulfilled and start searching for other flavours across the Old Continent.

So how do you take a destination that’s seemingly been done to death, like Italy, and make it fresh again, especially in today’s travel market when travellers are looking for less crowded and undiscovered destinations?

According to Trafalgar, it’s by luring people in with ‘exclusive’ experiences.

Labelled as ‘VIP’ opportunities, these ‘exclusive’ additions give travellers the chance to take part in ‘one of a kind’ activities such as an after-hours tour of the Vatican.

Trafalgar Italy 2

The operator has riddled its latest Italy program with ‘unique’ experiences in order to “reveal another side” of the destination.

Among these VIP options for 2018 is picking a fresh product and a cooking class with renowned Chef Libero Saraceni at the historic Villa Machiavelli, and al fresco dining at the Cortile del Giardino Quadrato in the Vatican.

Trafalgar Italy 4

There’s also a dining experience available at Museo Gregoriano Profano or Salone di Raffaello of the Pinacoteca, and a lunch with locals – the Lenzi family – who’ll share stories of wine-making and home-baked bread.

“It truly is an honour for Trafalgar to be extended such privileges to reveal another side of this spectacular site.”

Liesa Bissett, Trafalgar Product Development Director

“For our Agent partners looking to provide their clients with the chance to truly connect with the places to which they travel, we look forward to working with you to secure your sales success for 2018 and beyond.”

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