Is it the efficiency of social media? The popularity of cruise? Or perhaps it’s the power of multi-platinum recording artist, Pitbull?


When Norwegian Cruise Line named the Cuban rapper as the Godfather of Norwegian Escape back in October last year, the line knew it would have a big effect on social media and bookings and that he’d help deliver a whole new market of cruisers.

With a reach of over 84 million social media followers – 22 million Twitter followers, 59 million Facebook fans and 3.8 million friends on Instagram – how could you not expect a rush of sales post-announcement? One post from Pitbull on social media is like reaching every single person in Iran with just one click of a button – he really is Mr Worldwide.

But on the day Armando Christian Pérez was named the first male God-parent of a Norwegian ship, management truly weren’t expecting to have THE BIGGEST day in website visits ever.

A spokesperson for the cruise line told KarryOn that from 22 October to 12 November, the announcement drove 38,412 social media brand mentions, and 203,304,283 brand impressions for Norwegian Cruise Line.

Over 99 percent of those chatting online about the brand were talking in favour of the cruise line.

But the ‘Power of the Pit’ (as dubbed by KarryOn) didn’t stop there.

The spokesperson explained that every time Pitbull talks about his experience with Norwegian on social media the line receives positive results across its own social media platforms as well as its website.

PLUS, the TV commercial, in which Pitbull wrote a song specifically for the cruise line, has received over 6.8 million views on Youtube, making it the most viewed video on the line’s video sharing page.

Oh, and let’s not forget how on the day of Escape’s delivery, Norwegian’s Facebook page was so overwhelmed with visitors that a few fans had trouble getting their comments published.

Earlier this year, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Managing Director Asia Pacific, Steve Odell, told KarryOn having Pitbull onboard (figuratively and literally) has helped broaden the spectrum of people the cruise line reaches.

“He [Pitbull] puts a different kind of impression on the product. It’s a hip, cool and trendy image that’s attracting a new, younger target.”

Steve Odell, Norwegian Cruise Line Managing Director Asia Pacific

Have you experienced increased interest in Norwegian since Pitbull came onboard?