Cooking classes on a cruise are among the top foodie experiences for luxury travellers, and it’s not too hard to see why. When Travel and food come together, they create the perfect recipe for happiness.

Today, Regent Seven Seas Cruises® revealed 16 new Culinary Arts Kitchen classes that will debut during the 2020 inaugural season of Seven Seas SplendorTM, the ship that perfects luxury.

Currently being built in Ancona, Italy, Seven Seas Splendor will offer her 750 guests the most luxurious accommodation as she visits the world’s iconic destinations and less-familiar hidden gems when she sets sail in February 2020.

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Culinary Arts Kitchen Classes

Regent Seven Seas Cooking Classes

Guests attending classes in the Culinary Arts Kitchen will receive highly individualised instruction, as each student will cook from their own personal workstation for authentic, hands-on training, and see close-up details on large-screen monitors.

The two-hour classes were designed by Kathryn Kelly, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ executive director of culinary enrichment. Chef Kelly, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, has spent 40 years travelling to explore the world’s many different cuisines and the cultures that created them. She and other Master Instructors teach the classes.

“We teach the culinary techniques that chefs use every day, build a recipe and skills repertoire that can be easily transferred to guests’ home kitchens, explore cuisines, spices, recipes and ingredients from our ports of call, and most of all, have fun together sharing stories with people who enjoy cooking.”

Kathryn Kelly, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ executive director of culinary enrichment


A taste of the menu

Regent Seven Seas Cooking Classes

Inspired by Seven Seas Splendor’s inaugural 2020 season sailing the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, the new classes include:


Whether you follow a plant-based diet or simply wish to introduce more plant-based dishes into your culinary repertoire, learn the hottest new trends that embrace the flavours of nature’s bounty and enhance longevity. Prepare healthy, innovative and delicious plant-based recipes developed through our work with the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative of Harvard University and The Culinary Institute of America.


The rich tradition and culinary integrity of Spain are evident in its tapas – small plates best described as little bites with big flavour. As you sip sangria blanca and prepare classic tapas recipes, you will begin to understand why many believe that tapas are more than food – they are a lifestyle. You’ll be ready to share this delectable lifestyle with friends at your next Spanish-themed dinner party.


If you’re familiar with the joy of finding a buttery waffle at a street stand in Belgium or a delicious falafel at a family-run stall in Haifa, this globetrotting exploration of street food is for you. Learn about secret ingredients, special techniques and family recipes that our chefs have discovered as they’ve travelled the world in search of great street food and conversed with the locals who create it.

Click here for more a full list of the classes and more information about Regent’s Culinary Arts Kitchen.