7 times Chris Hemsworth made us want to travel to his land down under

Oh Chris Hemsworth, how your mighty Thor makes us want to ditch an international getaway and remain down south where it can be warm, a little bushy and full of surprises.

Oh Chris Hemsworth, how your mighty Thor makes us want to ditch an international getaway and remain down south where it can be warm, a little bushy and full of surprises.

The ‘In The Heart of the Sea’ actor is playing the part of Australia’s newest tourism ambassador so well, that he’s not only generated record interest from foreigners, he even has us Aussies considering an extensive exploration of our backyard.

While the country has had its fair share of celebrity ambassadors, Hemsworth seems to have all the right assets to target the modern traveller.

No, we’re not talking about his smooth, deep voice, thick head of hair and deliciously muscular frame – *mind wanders* – we’re talking about the actor’s fun nature, adventurous attitude and social media following.

Since being recruited by Tourism Australia (actually his passion for the country can be traced back a year to when his family made the decision to relocate to Byron Bay), Hemsworth has lay bare Australia’s beauty to some 13.83 million social media users.

His Facebook and Instagram pages are practically photographic odes to the country and its people, with various travel pics and even a few Thor: Ragnarok behind-the-scenes filming snaps – which is being filmed in the Gold Coast as this is typed.

But scrolling through the pics and posts and listening to the many things he’s said about the country, it was these seven times Hemsworth made us want to skip our holidays abroad to travel his version of the land down under.


1. That time he had lunch with a furry friend

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Lunch with a friend.

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2. And that time he dragged his tricky friend to the Gold Coast to film from our shores


3. We were ready to ditch the office desk for a belly flop in Qualia after seeing this pic on Facebook


4. And wanted more family time with an incredible view after this one


5. We wouldn’t mind a little back strengthening in the outback

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6. Or Kung Fu in the Whitsundays


7. But mostly, we want the casual laughs like this time in the Kimberley

Has Chris Hemsworth inspired you to take a holiday around Australia?