Apparently Chris Hemsworth’s deep, hunky voice is enough to spark a fair bit of interest in travel to Australia, according to the country’s tourism leaders.

Figures released at this year’s Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) revealed the Marvel actor’s vocal contribution in Tourism Australia’s latest coastal experiences video was viewed by over 2.2 million people – one of the most viewed videos on the bureau’s Youtube channel.

Additionally, his involvement generated more than 2,000 media stories, or in financial terms $55 million in marketing dollars, reported.

These figures are huge compared to David Attenborough’s three-part Great Barrier Reef documentary series, which involved spending three weeks on the Reef. News of his videos was shared in 900 stories and generated around $5.3 million in marketing.

Tourism Australia’s Managing Director, John O’Sullivan, said at the annual tourism event that recruiting Hemsworth helped tap into important markets such as the US as well as China, where Marvel’s second ‘Thor’ movie ‘The Dark World’ made over $55.3 million – the 18th highest grossest movie of 2013, according to Box Office Mojo.


“On WeChat, 19 million people have already downloaded and consumed that film [Hemsworth’s Tourism Australia ad] and that’s only after two weeks of that particular content being in the market.”

John O’Sullivan, Tourism Australia Managing Director

“No-one sells Australia or tells the story about Australia better than Australians.”

Now we know the power of celebrity on Australian tourism, we’ll just have to wait and see how Megan Gale stirs tourism to New Zealand as the face of Tourism New Zealand’s cycling campaign. Click here to check it out.

Would you be entice to visit a destination if the right celebrity ambassador beaconed you to?