Parents, change your internet banking and/or PayPal passwords or better yet, just lock up your computers & phones because your children are so tech savy they’ll book an international holiday while you’re sleeping.

That’d be the advice from a British man who lost £1,000 (AU$1,721) after his nine-year-old daughter hacked into his PayPal account and booked herself a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Yes, a pre-tween booked an entire trip! Talk about a Travel Agent in the making.


Ian Wilson from Lincolnshire says his daughter was playing with his phone while he was resting and then three days later over a grand was taken out of his bank account, The Mirror reported.

After a little investigating, he realised the money was used on flights to France, a hotel gift card, a VIP experience of the Eiffel Tower AND Disneyland Express train and park tickets, an entire French experience booked by someone under the age of 10.

The entire trip was booked for 24 August via Getyourguide and Bravofly’s websites, but Wilson didn’t see the money come out of his account until three days later, meaning Susan (his daughter) didn’t get to take her dream holiday and he was left completely out of pocket.


Speaking to media, Wilson said Susan doesn’t seem to realise what she’s done and even attempted to correct the situation via an apology and the promise of 10 pence to pay back the cost.

Meanwhile, the young adventurer says the entire thing was an accident and that she was just “messing” around with her dad’s phone.

“I don’t know where Paris is or what the Eiffel Tower is.”

Susan, Young Adventurer

Wilson says he attempted to contact the online booking site and budget airline in order to return his money and at first the money was denied. However, PayPal eventually refunded the cash as a goodwill gesture.

Needless to say, Wilson now has tighter security on his mobile phone.

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Have anything similar ever happened you?