While companies like Student Flights are finding creative ways to fulfill their staff’s desires for more travel, others are struggling to get their employees to actually take their annual leave.

A new study found that nearly 52 percent of Australian workers failed to use their entitled annual leave over the last 12 months and a further 45 percent have admitted to not using their annual leave at all in 2017.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering more than half of Australians recently claimed to be too stressed at work to even considering taking time off.

As a result of overwhelming work pressures, there’s nearly 111 million days of unused Australian annual leave just sitting there in the HR office.

It’s not wonder we’re all about to look like the chick in Avicii vs Nicky Romero’s ‘I could be the one’ film clip:

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Research by Xero, shows that small business owners are leading by example with 64 percent of small business owners reported as having gone on a holiday in the last six months, and almost two-in-five (37 percent) that work for themselves have done so in the last three months – this is more than the average Australian worker, with less than one third (31 percent) admitting to having been on holiday in the last three months and 23 percent who haven’t had a holiday in the last 12 months.

Anneliese Urquhart, Small Business Director, Xero Australia is encouraging more Aussies to adopt the ‘short yet meaningful’ travel trend being embraced by small business owners.


“As Australians, a hard working culture is ingrained in our DNA, however, this shouldn’t be getting in the way of our desire to travel and achieve optimum holiday balance.”

Anneliese Urquhart, Xero Australia Small Business Director

“Though it comes at no surprise that small business owners are the least likely to use their annual leave, it’s encouraging to see they are in fact getting away from their desks more frequently – even if it is just a weekend break – to enjoy some much deserved time away.”

Are you planning to use your annual leave this year?