Pull out the maracas (do they use those at Carnaval? We’ll find out after applying for our e-visas) and throw on a feathered headdress because from today, you can apply for your Brazilian visa online.

Yes! After months of hearing about it on KarryOn (again, mostly thanks to an insider tip from Adventure World) Australians can apply for Brazil’s e-visas from today ( 10.00am Brasilia time)!

Australia is the first of very few countries, including the US, to receive access to the e-visa, which will go live on VFS.Global’s website (http://www.vfsglobal.com/).

Brazil e-visa

That means that from today onwards, Australians won’t need to worry about printing forms, visiting banks, manually posting and waiting for weeks, instead they’ll be able to log onto a website, register, provide their details, pay and then sit back and relax for around 72 hours for approval.

That’s right, what use to take weeks now only takes a mere three days.

In addition to being a lot simply and faster, the entire process is also a whole lot cheaper, costing around AU$60 (a quarter of the previous cost).

Image: Davidson Luna/Unsplash

Image: Davidson Luna/Unsplash

Brazil’s tourism leaders recently said the ease of online visas to Brazil would likely result in increased visitors from fast growing tourism markets such as Australia.

Meanwhile, it’ll also give Qantas a good reason to fast-track its desired direct services between Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.

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Will you be applying for visas to Brazil online?