Australian travellers MAY soon be able to bypass the Brazilian Embassy in Canberra and secure their visas online if rumours about online visas are true.

Although KarryOn is still awaiting confirmation from the country’s official leaders, we have it on good authority that electronic visas will be made available for Australian holidaymakers later this year.

That good authority is… The Travel Corporation’s Adventure World.

According to the operator, Australia is one of several countries approved by the Brazilian government for e-visas, along with Canada, the USA and Japan.

If all information is correct, then Aussies could be filling out online forms and securing their Brazilian visas as soon as 21 November 2017. E-visas are expected to be issued within 72 hours after applications are submitted.

Rio Landscape, Adventure World, Lo Res

Adventure World’s Managing Director, Neil Rodgers, said new electronic visas will make it easier for Australian travellers to visit Brazil and experience the “incredible spectacle” of Rio during Carnaval.

To celebrate upcoming e-visas for Brazil, Adventure World has launched new dates for its five-day Rio Carnaval itinerary. The trip includes visiting Rio’s famous landmarks, seeing the statue of Christ the Redeemer and attending Samba classes.

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