Travel habits support the theory & all research seems to suggest that Aussie travellers, at one-point-in-time, unknowingly came together & decided that Bali would always & forever be their number one go-to Asian destination.

Despite the rise in interest in Japan, the mystery of China and pristine beauty of the Philippines, Indonesia’s island of Bali has come out on top, again, for Aussie holidaymakers.

The latest poll was taken by, which found Bali to be the number one travel destination of interest among Australians for the Easter long weekend.

Image: Artem Beliaikin/Unsplash

Image: Artem Beliaikin/Unsplash

Indonesia’s popular island was named number one for the third Easter in a row, proving we really do have an unspoken commitment to the Southeast Asian hot spot.

Outside of Bali, Aussies said they’re also keen to spend the Easter holiday period in Tokyo this year as well as Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, the Gold Coast, Hong Kong and Pattaya.



On a more international level, Tokyo was ranked number one desired Easter travel destination this year among Asia-Pacific travellers, a title previously held by Manila.

Japan’s capital crept to the top spot from 5th place last year and was followed by Bangkok, Malaysia, Bali and Singapore.

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Where are you travelling to this Easter?