Meditate on a mountaintop, learn from a Shaman master, go hiking through rice terraces, visit monasteries and Tibetan towns, meet diverse ethnic communities, and much, much more…

No, this isn’t your stock-standard Chinese itinerary.

Focusing on China’s culturally and geographically diverse Yunnan province, rich in landscapes and traditions, the 17-day Yunnan Adventure with Wendy Wu Tours will allow you to go deeper into traditional Chinese culture and see some of its most photogenic hidden corners.

As an Immerse Yourself tour, it promises to introduce you to the people and places that most visitors to China simply miss. And as an Active tour, you’ll need a certain level of fitness and a desire for adventure. But don’t worry: you won’t have to be a Bear Grylls!

Here are just a few of the experiences awaiting you in Yunnan with Wendy Wu Tours.


1. Meet a real Shaman & learn an ancient art form


After cruising around the majestic peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – some of which tower to an impressive 5,500m – and stopping regularly to check out some of the stunning vistas embedded into the landscape, you’ll drive to the small village of Baisha Naxi and meet a Shaman Dongba who’ll show you how to write ancient Dongba characters (a system of writing that uses pictographic glyphs dating back to the 7th century). Oh, and you’ll sample the local Naxi cuisine too – yum!

You’ll also get to take a 10-minute chairlift to Yunshaping (Cloud Fir Meadow) and then walk along a wooden pathway for an hour in the fresh mountain air which will take you to another beautiful meadow. Who knows, the vistas may just inspire you to write some poetry…


2. Learn how to meditate from a Taoist priest


Receive personalised instruction on the ancient spiritual practice of meditation from a wise Taoist priest on Mount Weibao, which is one of China’s 14 sacred Taoist mountains. We can’t promise you’ll be enlightened at the end of your 40-minute session, but we can guarantee that you’ll definitely feel well and truly relaxed!

Before your meditation session, amble around some of the mountain’s 20 ancient and richly decorated temples before returning to Dali and visiting the Golden Flower Tie Dye Shop.


3. Hike Yuanyang’s Terraces and visit local villages


You’re going to want to make sure your camera and/or phone are fully charged once you hit the Yuanyang Terraces on your 17-day itinerary and embark on your hike, visiting markets and villages along the way.

This magical world of cascading rice terraces built into the valley was created by the Hani people centuries ago, and boy has it aged gracefully over the years. Turning different shades of red and yellow at sunrise, or whites and greys when a cloud of mist settles over the valley, the Yuanyang Terraces is a definite highlight of this trip.

If that isn’t enough to have you swooning, you can also extend your trip by adding in a visit to Zhangjiajie in Hunan province, famous for its Wulingyuan Scenic Area, a stunning natural wonderland made famous in the movie Avatar.


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Have you done China’s Yunnan province? What are absolute must-dos?

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