The Internet and Thailand’s leaders learned one important thing this week – you even consider taking away that delicious Bangkok street food and people will react.

It’s one of the city’s greatest assets, so when news of a ban on food carts made headlines this week it was unsurprising to find devastated consumer comments filling up social media timelines.

Some described it as “sad” and others saw it as Bangkok “losing its charm”.


But foodies worldwide have no fear, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is here to clarify a few things about the new law.

It was initially believed that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) planned to ban food stalls from Bangkok’s main streets. A quick game of Chinese Whispers and suddenly it was being reported as a citywide ban.

However, TAT contacted BMA and found that while there are plans to continue rolling out new restrictions on food vendors, there is no outright ban.



So what’s actually happening?

BMA said that it will provide support and advice to vendors to help them raise hygiene standards, improve food safety and adhere to proper waste management procedures.

There will also be a focus on safety and convenience for road users and pedestrians – meaning if a cart is causing sidewalk and road obstructions then it’ll need to move to designated zones and nearby markets.

TAT stressed that popular streets such as Chinatown’s Yaowaraj and Khao San Road will not be affected, however, they “will receive special attention to ensure international hygienic standards are met by the vendors”.

So it’s all good folks, you can still have your Bangkok street food.

Are you a fan of Bangkok street food?