What’s happening to the world? Why are govts & wealthy couples who don’t do enough real estate research before purchasing multi-million dollar properties in lively destinations so set on killing the party?

Spain’s party town of Ibiza is the latest internationally well-known destination to receive lockout laws as officials attempt to crackdown on ‘noisy tourism’.

Noisy tourism? Perhaps they mean young people enjoying themselves.

The lockout is being introduced in Ibiza’s San Antonio and will see clubbers kicked out of venues at 3.00am instead of the current 5.00-6.00am closing time, the Daily Mail reported.


That’s not all.

People will need to pick up their drinks and move out of open-air terraces at 11.00pm rather than 2.00am. PLUS, restaurants and take-away shops who served people through late night hatches will have to stop doing that from 11.00pm and instead serve them inside the venue.

Ibiza’s Mayor Josep Tur said he’s aiming to improve people’s perception of the destination and hopes to turn it into more of a resort island.


Talk about a party killer.

The lockout law aka ‘Special Acoustic Protection Zone’ is set to be approved before the end of 2017 and will come into effect mid-2018.

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What are your thoughts on the Special Acoustic Protection Zone?