MAGIC: Disneyland takes YOU to 'Infinity & Beyond' with new Pixar Fest

“Shh. Shh. Shh ????. Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change”, and they’re blowing towards Disneyland & California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California where animation fans young and not-so-young are about to go completely Coco.

“Shh. Shh. Shh ????. Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change”, and they’re blowing towards Disneyland & California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California where animation fans young and not-so-young are about to go completely Coco.

Taking over the two theme parks this weekend is a new five-month celebration of all things friendship, acceptance and love in the form of a new Pixar-themed festival called ‘Pixar Fest’.

The Parks, or as Walt Disney referred to them, ‘Studios’, will receive mini-makeovers inspired by a range of Pixar movies including Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Up, Inside Out, and, cutest of them all (although they’re all so adorable), Coco.

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Pixar Fest Parade

Guests will be immersed in a world of 21st century animation from the moment they arrive in the Park through various sights, sounds and tastes.

For fans, the Fest needs no further explanation, however, for everyone else, Disney’s Bob Chapek explained that Pixar was selected in recognition of the brand’s role in promoting sympathy, acceptance and most importantly, friendship, whether it be between two humans, a child and a monster, or a cowboy and a space ranger.

Pixar Fest Gardens

“Behind all these [Pixar] stories are the human, heart and friendship that we’ve come to expect.”

Bob Chapek, Walt Disney Parks Chairman of Parks, Experiences & Consumer Products

He continued, saying that by combining what Disney Park “does best, which is creating magical experiences” and these great stories, guests will receive a “totally new” experience.

So what can visitors expect to see, do and hear throughout Pixar Fest? Disney’s bosses say merchandise and creative teams have let their imaginations run wild and the outcome is ‘Incredible’:


Pixar-themed entrances

Pixar Fest 5

The Pixar takeover starts at the gate, literally, with each entrance adorned with giant ‘Pixar Fest’ signs.


Pixar-music on Main Street

Pixar Fest 7

The moment guests enter the park, they’ll be greeted by the very familiar Toy Story theme song, which various Disney bands will adjust slightly.


Pixar Palace at Paradise Gardens

Pixar Fest character

Pick up a map of Disneyland & California Adventure Park, find Paradise Gardens and head there. It’s where Pixar characters will team up with their unsuspecting besties (Woody and Buzz, Mike and Sulley, etc.) and appear throughout the day for meet and greets.


Band Stand for a Pixarmonic Orchestra

Pixar Fest 6

The band will entertain park visitors by placing their own spin on Pixar tunes to present them in a “fun and upbeat” fashion.


Pixar-themed food

Pixar Fest 3

Bite into a Fried Bologna Sandwich like Up’s Carl and Ellie, or enjoy the sweet taste of a Macaron shaped like one of Toy Story’s green aliens. They’re just a couple of the food and beverage options available throughout Pixar Fest, along with the Cars-inspired Habanero Meatball Cone, Coco-influenced Tortitas de Papa con Queso and more.


Pixar-themed merchandise

Pixar Fest socks

Mini’s Headband Ears may have a little competition this American summer as Disney introduces special Pixar-headgear, including a pair of adorable Wall-E and Eve ears, which form a love heart when combined.


New merchandise also includes Pixar-themed drink bottles and Pixar-themed socks, which double-up as ‘friendship socks’, whereby visitors buy two pairs and share the second pair with their closest pal.



Pixar-themed land

Pixar Fesr 9

Pixar Pier is coming later this year and will feature a host of reimagined merchandise, entertainment, games, attractions and dining experiences, including the Lamp Light Lounge, which will replace the Cove Bar.


Pixar Play Parade

Pixar Fest

It’s BACK! The high-energy celebration of Pixar returns as an after-dark celebration, but this time it has three FANTASTIC new additions, including a new Pixar Lamp and Pixar Ball as well as characters from Up and Inside Out.


Paint the Night Parade

Pixar Fest Paint the Night Parade

Sound familiar? It should! The electrifying light parade returns, but this time it’s flowing down the streets of Adventure Park. Some 1.5million points of light are used throughout the 20-minute show, which also has new additions such as Monsters Inc.’s Sulley and Mike as well as characters from Toy Story and Cars.


Pixar-inspired fireworks

Pixar Fest 10

As a special ode to Pixar Fest, Disney has replaced its regular evening fireworks show with a special ‘Together Forever, a Pixar Nighttime Spectacular’. The fireworks display presents the development of a number of Pixar friendships from the moment they meet, fall in ‘like’ and set off on an adventure.


And finally, The Incredicoaster

Pixar Fest 2

Disneyland & California Adventure is changing its California Screamin’ attraction into a ride dedicated to the crime-fighting family, The Incredibles.

The ride is currently under construction and is expected to open in June, shortly after The Incredibles sequel is released in cinemas.


Pixar fans had better visit the Park “faster than faster, quicker than quick” because Pixar Fest only runs until September this year.

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