One really wrong assumption everyone always makes about Mexico's Los Cabos

Australians may not know much about Mexico’s Los Cabos but that doesn’t stop us from making naive assumptions about the destination.

Australians may not know much about Mexico’s Los Cabos but that doesn’t stop us from making naive assumptions about the destination.

Sometimes these preconceived beliefs are correct, for example we’re right in thinking of Los Cabos as an idyllic beach escape, which attracts celebrities with its luxurious resorts and drool-worthy dining options.

But on other occasions our presumptions are way off, like how we believe the destination’s weather to be.

Los Cabos 2

Yes, it is warm and yes, the sun is generous enough to give your skin a darker glow, but no, it’s not a tropical destination.

Los Cabos is actually in the desert, which means little to not humidity or rain – that may not sound like that big a deal to you, but it’s a blessing to travellers with a sensitivity to excessive moisture.

Los Cabos 5

So while the picture above looks like a couple of tourists lounging around after a camel ride in the United Arab Emirates, it’s actually a couple relaxing in Los Cabos.

Visit Los Cabos’ Managing Director Rodrigo Esponda told KarryOn the destination’s geography is one of the more appealing aspects to tourists because it’s drier, it’s surrounded by mountains, it has cacti and palm trees and there’s the option of going for a 4-wheel driving in the desert.

“Our geography is very exotic when you compare it to some other destinations.”

Rodrigo Esponda, Visit Los Cabos Managing Director

Uniquely tucked between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean also means that Los Cabos is one of the richest areas in terms of biodiversity, with banks of fish, a permanent colony of sea lions and whale-watching available for half the year.

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Plus to top it all off, Los Cabos is an easy two-hour flight away from Los Angeles’ LAX, making it ideal as an add-on beach escape for Australians travelling along the West Coast of the United States.

Esponda said he hopes to educate more Australians and Agents on the destination’s accessibility and unique features through a series of marketing activities this year.

“Australia is an important market and we need to do a better job to let people know how easy it is to get there and what they can expect.”

Rodrigo Esponda, Visit Los Cabos Managing Director

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According to Visit Los Cabos’ latest statistics, despite fractional awareness Down Under, Australians are the destination’s third largest international market after the US and Canada.

“I was surprised to find how many Australians are visiting Los Cabos,” Esponda said. “It’s very interesting that Australians like it so much and they’re coming, so we definitely need to have discussions with the industry and Agents on how to build that.”

Have you visited Mexico’s desert treasure?