PARTIES, BEACHES & FOOD: 3 things you MUST do & see in Mykonos

First, he relaxed in Santorini, explored Amorgos, discovered new food in Naxos, then partied in Paros, now Travel Counsellors’ Fred van Eijk ends his five-part Greece adventure in Mykonos.

First, he relaxed in Santorini, explored Amorgos, discovered new food in Naxos, then partied in Paros, now Travel Counsellors’ Fred van Eijk ends his five-part Greece adventure in Mykonos.

The final stop in our Greek island-hopping adventure is Mykonos. We even booked one extra night, as we’d like to get a taste of the renowned nightlife this island has to offer.

From Paros and several other nearby islands, you can hop on the ferry which will take you under an hour. From Athens, a ferry will take six hours or under three hours by highspeed ferries. Flying from Athens will take less than an hour. Qatar Airways offers direct flights from Doha, connecting Australia with this famous island.

When we arrive, we take the Sea Bus to the old port of Mykonos city. Getting a taxi can prove to be quite the challenge here, but this short boat ride is a lovely way to arrive in the picturesque port for just a few euros.


The old port of Mykonos is encircled with cafés.

The port is encircled with cafés and just walking distance from a diverse range of design hotels. This island doesn’t hold back on traditional Greek style, which is interpreted in many unique ways. Mykonos challenges Ibiza when it comes to nightlife, design, restaurants, bars and ‘trendiness’. It’s incredibly gay friendly and you’ll find painfully stylish Italians and other pleasure seekers soaking up this sunny paradise.

During the day, the island is swarmed with thousands of cruise passengers, so visit the city and its many boutiques and restaurants at the end of the day when all those groups are back on board.

The view from my room at Porto Mykonos.

We stay in the hotel Porto Mykonos. A great accommodation with a fabulous view over the old port and the sea. It has a relaxing swimming pool, equipped with a refreshing breeze and convenient pool bar; the perfect place to unwind. For the location, the service and the impeccable modern style, this hotel is reasonably priced. You’ll find this to be unique on Mykonos, where the price for a room in high season isn’t exactly a bargain.

With seemingly endless options, choosing a great restaurant in Mykonos can be hard. But one thing is set in stone; your pre-dinner cocktail. Start your evening on the wonderful terrace of Bar Caprice, sipping your drink as the sun goes down at one of the most photographed places in the world, which also goes by the name of Little Venice. After, you could go to the restaurant Bakaló for pure and superb Greek dishes with friendly service or head over to Catari if you’re craving some great Italian food – you’ll find friendly waiters here as well.

Start an evening in Mykonos with a drink at Bar Caprice.

The beach life, much like the nightlife, is incredibly diverse. For your ease, here are three to suit your mood; one for simplicity, one for luxury and one if you’re in for a party.


Agios, Sostis


A few minutes out of the city is a tranquil beach & gorgeous bay.

Just a fifteen-minute drive away from the city and a little longer by scooter, you’ll find this tranquil beach and gorgeous bay. No beach beds or parasols, but there is someone walking around with cooled drinks and someone else with donuts. Above the rocks you’ll find a tavern, where the food is modest but good. Nothing lavish, but a great spot for untouched nature without the loud lounge music and overpriced beds.


Principauté de Mykonos – Panormos Beach


Principauté de Mykonos is where travellers go to indulge in luxury.

Right before you reach Agios Sostis you’ll find Panormos Beach. If you’re in for a little extra when it comes to your beach experience and gastronomy, this is the place to be. With my Fiat Panda hire car, I arrive at the valet parking of Principauté de Mykonos, where we indulge in all the luxury this beach club has to offer. Where other Greek islands provide beach beds for only four euros, here it’s pricier with beds for a minimal of twenty-five euros. The club has an elegant interior packed with delightful lounge areas with comfy couches and a striking restaurant. Ideal for a long, indulging lunch.


Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach


Paradise Beach is the perfect place to unleash your inner party animal.

Well, what can I say? I expected something a little more trendy and luxurious from Mykonos. For those of us who are younger, this spot is the perfect place to unleash your inner party animal. Drinks are reasonably priced and there are some diverse cafeterias and even a buffet. Shots are mostly free, especially when you join the party scene that starts every day around four in the afternoon until the early hours of the next day. When the beach party is winding down, there’s a nightclub to continue.

Here I make an end to my two weeks of island-hopping. Five unique islands, lovely people, beautiful towns, gorgeous beaches, delicious food, nightlife and complete relaxation. It doesn’t get much better than Greece.


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