Nick and Lins are just a normal 30 something couple travelling the world. Except, for one small fact. They do it naked.

The Belgium nationals don’t see it as particularly unusual. Just a way to ‘normalise nudity one country at a time’.

They now track their travels through their blog and via their Instagram account, Naked Wanderings, a hilarious feed filled with images of Nick and Lins pulling cheeky naked poses throughout the world.

The idea started in 2016 when the pair visited a couple of naturist campings on a trip through France and Italy.

It occurred them that they always seemed to be the youngest visitors and they began wondering if naturism was something reserved for the ‘elder’?

“What is it that keeps young people away from naturism? Don’t they know about it? Is it because it’s still some kind of a taboo? Is it shame?”

Nick & Lins

Now that are travelling the world sans clothes in a bid to inform people about naturism and show them that it’s not something for “creeps or perverts”.

The travel all natural travel enthusiasts have visited many countries across Europe, and at present they’re travelling full time across the Asia Pacific.

They are in Bali right now and are planning on coming Down Under later this year!

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How do you feel about naked travelling?