When it comes to choosing a holiday, the cost will almost always play a significant role in influencing travellers, unless of course, they belong to the elite group of one-percenters with disposable incomes.

While studies can provide us with useful information such as which airlines are the safest, and tour operators may feed us with inside goss on the hippest destinations, ultimately, holidaymakers want more travel bang for their buck aka they want the cheapest holidays possible without compromising quality (too much).

And they want it now.


According to UK rag, The Daily Mail, airport transfer company, Hoppa.com, recently ran some numbers and found tourists searching for a bargain holiday over the 12 months should consider packing their bags for… Kiev in Ukraine.

Alrighty then.

The travel company revealed that accommodation at an average hotel, plus food, drink, taxi and entertainment in Kiev will only cost around £64.79 or AU$112 per day.

Hoppa destination

The cost was considerably lower than the world’s most expensive city to visit, New York, which was around £346.05 or AU$599 per day.

How can you put a cost on Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Broadway?!

Meanwhile, the second cheapest destination for tourists to consider in 2018 is Antalya in Turkey (AU$120 per day), followed by Manila in the Philippines (AU$121.51), Denpasar in Indonesia (AU$129.36), and Siem Reap in Cambodia (AU$136.72).

Surprisingly, Egypt’s Cairo was flagged as the sixth cheapest destination to visit in 2018, just ahead of Romania’s Bucharest and Indonesia’s Jakarta.

Down here in Australia, Sydney was named the 29th most expensive city in the world, costing around AU$362 per day, around $10 more expensive than Havana in Cuba, which cost around $353 a day.

Check out the other cheap/pricey destinations below:

Cheapest & expensive destinations

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What’s the cheapest holiday you’ve taken?