Send a raven to all Game of Thrones fans so they can secure a night at this Seven Kingdoms-inspired hotel before it melts away (not due to Daenerys’ dragons [awww, only two left still breathing red fire ????]).

Earlier this month, SnowVillage in Lapland, Finland opened the doors to a Game of Thrones hotel made entirely of snow and ice, giving fans the chance to experience what it’s REALLY like to sleep, eat, live and breathe in a never-ending Westeros winter.

For those who aren’t aware of Lapland’s SnowVillage, it’s a 20,000 square metre property made of 20 million kilos of snow and 350,000 kilos of crystal clear natural ice.

Every year, the property changes its theme and this year it’s all about Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Snow Hotel 3


Teaming up with HBO Nordic, the pair invited sculptors from Russia, Poland, Latvia and Ukraine to turn the property into a unique setting that would leave fans of the Great Houses in awe.

And it seems as though they’ve succeeded.

Inside, travellers will sleep in the presence of a dragon with glowing blue eyes…

Game of Thrones Snow Hotel 5


Walk down the intimidating Braavosi Hall of Faces…

Game of Thrones Snow Hotel 2


And dine near a life-sized Iron Throne with swords…



Couples who choose to use the venue for wedding purposes, will even find Game of Thrones-inspired ice furnishings in the chapel.

Pretty incredible, right?

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Would you stay at a Game of Thrones-inspired ice hotel?