Iconic characters from the Star Wars franchise and its out-of-this-world technology are taking over our planes, they’re all over our theme parks and now they’re in our hotel rooms!

No, we don’t mean Storm Troopers will randomly hang out in your personal space or that Jedis will use mind tricks to get you out of bed every morning, although that would be an effective wake up call.

What we mean is, Disney is planning to build a Star Wars-inspired resort as part of its new Disney 360 vacation concept at Walt Disney World, which FYI was recently voted the fourth top amusement park in the world.

Star Wars Theme Park 2

The news was confirmed by Walt Disney World’s Chairman Bob Chapek on Twitter where he described it as a completely immersive experience with everything inside the property designed to reflect the franchise.

What will a Star Wars-themed hotel look like?

Well, all hotel staff will be dressed in costumes, picture Obi Wan Kenobi checking you in, and all windows will only show ‘space’.

Every guest will also receive a storyline – this wasn’t explained in detail, but it sounds interactive.

“The thought is that guests will get to travel on a spaceship and have an adventure that lasts the whole stay “every minute” was the phrase.”

Bob Chapek, Walt Disney World Chairman

Star Wars Resort

He continued, saying that “it’s unlike anything that exists today” and guests will feel like part of the Star Wars story from the moment they arrive.

“You’ll immediately become a citizen of the galaxy and experience all that entails, including dressing up in the proper attire,” Bob said.

“Once you leave Earth, you will discover a starship alive with characters, stories, and adventures that unfold all around you. It is 100% immersive, and the story will touch every single minute of your day, and it will culminate in a unique journey for every person who visits.”

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What do you think of the Star Wars-themed Hotels?