Today’s technology has made hotel search a little easier, but also a lot more complicated because there are so many options offering different levels of luxury, amenities, rooms, services, etc.

It’s like a rush of information.

roomsXML is hoping to help Agents move through the information a little faster and personal with a newly launched travel hotel search tool.

Launched this week, the new filter steers away from the common OTA-style of search (sorted by city and dates) to one that puts “human uniqueness back in the booking process”.

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What does that mean? Well, it means roomsXML is letting customer reviews and ratings drive search results.

“Facts tell, stories sell. roomsXML is giving that power back to Agents with a range of new search filters,” roomsXML Asia Pacific Managing Director, Mark Luckey, said.

“Of course, every hotel says it’s the best, is that valuable for an Agent? We replaced the hotel description with a globally aggregated rating of all search results as voted by travellers.”

Mark Luckey, roomsXML Asia Pacific Managing Director

The “Best For” filter uses big data number crunching algorithms to identify the most appropriate properties for that specific customer. For example, if they’re travelling for romance or a family holiday. The results are not just city and date specific, but focusing in on what’s right for THAT customer.

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When Agents click through to hotel details, the “good to know” summary explains exactly WHY a hotel has a rating and who rated it. The “review” tab is where Agents can share first-hand experiences with their clients.

The map results have also been updated to incorporate the location of hotels, markers for properties with high-ratings and also points of interest.

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According to Mark, these changes were made after consultation with Agents across various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, the UK and India.

“This is just the start. Over the next few weeks we will be making more announcements which show why roomsXML is one of the biggest and best wholesale only bookings specialists around the world,” Mark added.

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What do you think of the new hotel search tool?