“How did you enjoy your stay with us?” *Nods with a half smile*. “Did you take anything from the mini-bar?” *Mumbles a barely audible ‘no’*. “What are your plans for the rest of the day?” *Shrugs*.

If your conversations at check out tend to sound a little like the above and you find yourself attempting to pass pyjama trackies as ‘edgy’ fashion while hiding half-closed eyes with traces of yesterday’s mascara smeared along the lower lashes behind a pair of tinted oversized sunnies…


… then this is 100% something you want to know about.

Travelodge Hotel Sydney Airport will this month launch a special ‘Silent Check-Out’, offering for those who can’t function before coffee the chance skip any form of communication with hotel staff as they leave.

Building on the brand’s ‘Refreshingly Simply’ service, the ‘Silent Check-Out’ starts in the guest’s room where the world’s first Olfactory Alarm Clock will stir them from their deep slumber with the smell of bacon or coffee – they can choose their preferred scent the prior evening.

Travelodge 2

They then make their way down to reception where there’ll be a ‘Silent Check-Out’ poster to indicate whether they ‘need coffee’, to settle the bill or whether they need to stay another night because they missed their flight.

Sounds like every slow-riser’s dream come true.


According to Travelodge, the service is perfect for the 209-room Sydney Airport property as the hotel attracts a lot of no-nonesense morning travellers looking for a comfortable, convenient layover.

In addition to ‘Silent Check-Out’, the hotel also comes with comfortable beds, contemporary decor, free Wi-Fi and a standard 11am check-out.

For a limited time only, the property is offering 25 percent off new bookings, which also comes with a complimentary buffet breakfast.

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Does ‘Silent Check-Out’ sound like a dream to you?